Tuition Waiver Program for Online AP Courses

One-Time Funds, First Come, First Served! 

Under the direction of the Ohio Board of Regents, ilearnOhio is offering one-time funds for Ohio public school students who want to enroll in an online Advance Placement course. The tuition-waiver program ends once all the funds have been allocated. First come, first served. For Ohio public students only. 

It’s easy to sign a student up! (1) The student and a public school staff member (counselor) search the ilearnOhio catalog for an AP course, and (2) the staff member preregisters the student through ilearnOhio for that course. Approved students receive a one-time tuition-only fee waiver for that course (go to ilearnOhio for the details). 

Special note to Race to the Top schools: Here’s a great way to stretch your grant dollars by taking advantage of both the Race to the Top and the Tuition-Waiver programs. 

Now is the time! Go to, and click on the “Search for courses now!” button to start the process.


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